These Terms of Operation (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) represent a contractual legal arrangement between you and (MyVet), with the business number (number) and registered office address (address) (“MyVet,” “we,” “us” and “our”). Together with our smartphone apps, tools and programs for pet owners and veterinarians to locate each other and connect, they monitor your use of our website (myvet.com) (the “Site”).

You accept these words by visiting or using the Site OR (MyVet). If you do not comply with these terms, you do not recognize them, in which case you do not have the right to use the platform or (MyVet App).

You understand and agree that we may change the Terms and that any such changes will be effective immediately when we post the modified Terms on the Site and/or (MyVet App).  Your continued access and use of the Site and/or (MyVet App) after we post the modified Terms will constitute your consent to be bound by the modified Terms.


The MyVet App consists of a smartphone application, a website, and support and resources that can be used to identify and communicate with each other by pet owners (‘pet owners’) and providers of pet health care services (‘service providers’). The MyVet App provides our aid resources, service providers’ training materials, and other services, including providing services for veterinarian appointments. For other parts of the MyVet App, such as subscriptions for some MyVet App functions, we charge fees if you are a service provider.

The MyVet App is a neutral forum for service providers and pet owners and, with the exception of phone support and other tools and help explicitly listed in the MyVet App, it does not include pet health services. Service providers listed on MyVet App are not under the supervision or control of MyVet App and decide what pet healthcare services to provide, how to deliver those services, and when to make themselves available to do so at their own discretion. There are no assurances or guarantees for the pet wellness care offered by service providers (“Pet Care Services”), or about your experiences and user relationships. Service Providers or Pet Owners are not employed by MyVet App, and we would not be responsible for the results or actions of service providers or pet owners. It is the duty of pet owners and service providers to make choices that are in the best interests of themselves and pets. Before contacting a service provider, providing services, or otherwise communicating with pet owners or service providers (as applicable) through the MyVet App, you should exercise your independent judgement.

The MyVet App may be used to locate and provide Pet Care Services and to facilitate payment, but between Pet Owners and Service Providers are all transactions performed through the MyVet App. With the exception of restricted returns, you accept that MyVet App is not responsible for any losses caused by Pet Care Providers (which may include bodily injury to, or death of, a pet) or arising from any other purchases between MyVet App users.

MyVet App does not support other Pet Owners’ reviews of service providers that might be accessible via the MyVet App, and MyVet App makes no promise that those reviews are correct or valid.


You confirm that you: (1) are 18 years of age or older, and (2) can comply with all laws and regulations related to the use of the MyVey App by downloading and using the MyVet App.

For Service Providers, this ensures that you are lawfully qualified to offer veterinary services within the (Country, e.g. UK) as a current (e.g. UK-practising member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons), you have complied with and will comply with all relevant laws and regulations and have received all requisite business licenses and permits.

You agree that MyVet App is entitled to rely on these responsibilities from you, though MyVet App screens for compliance, it is not responsible or liable for the inability of a customer to comply with these eligibility requirements.


All sales are final and is non-refundable. This applies to all subscriptions plans availed in the MyVet System and MyVet App. In the event that you would want to change your subscription, you are only allowed to upgrade your plan or choose to extend it.